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Sunday, June 26, AKB You can’t get away from them. Flip around on the TV and you will find them. Walk on any commercial street and you’ll hear their music blaring from somewhere, and probably see a poster or two sometimes a hundred feet tall. They are, by far, the biggest musical act in Japan right now. And there’s nothing equivalent in the US – I’ve never seen anything like this.

[Single] AKB48 – Kokoro no Placard

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Share this article Share Kodansha pulled the photograph and postponed the sale of the magazine from January 12 to January They also took it out of their planned collection of photographs of the singer. Investigators, who say their first job is to discover if the photograph is real or not, say they will take into consideration the fact that the edition featuring the picture was scrapped before it was published.

The Japanese Law Banning Child Prostitution and Child Pornography says that any photo that depicts a child touching the breasts or sexual organs of another individual and which could sexually arouse or stimulate a viewer is defined as child pornography, according to asahi. Tomomi Kasai sixth from left, back row is pictured with some of her group AKB48 The website quoted Toru Okumura, a lawyer who has worked on child pornography cases, saying: It quoted the investigating team as saying:

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Anggota AKB48 adalah para gadis dalam rentang usia 14 sampai 20 tahun ke atas. Mereka direkrut melalui audisi yang diselenggarakan secara berkala di Jepang. Saat usia anggotanya sudah cukup dewasa, mereka “lulus” dari grup tersebut dan digantikan oleh anggota baru.

Feb 08,  · The AKB48 election puts a whole new spin on the phrase “voting with your wallet” With its streets of manga stores and maid cafes, Akihabara is the otaku capital of the world, and it’s no.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Aitakatta! I kind of fell off the face of the Earth for a ridiculously long time there, sorry! You should look them up if you ever get tired of idols who can barely sing and lyrics about polka dots. No matter how much they disappoint me and BOY do they disappoint me! So even though the last A-side I honestly liked was Kaze wa Fuiteiru, I stick around and keep coming back for more.

See, I think another one of my mistakes was getting too involved in the AKB fandom. Doing so has been awesome, and I like having people with whom I can discuss my opinions because sometimes the blog felt a bit like standing on a soapbox haha. But in turn, I started becoming way too invested in the inner workings of the group and the fandom itself and it wore me out really quickly. And it also affected me how quickly fans turned their back on them when they stopped behaving like superhuman beings and got caught up in a scandal, I felt like so much hatred towards them was unjustified but I also felt like it was unfair when some of them were kicked out while others stayed and nothing happened to them.

And so I became bitter. It was unfair to her and that guy was a douchecanoe, yet everyone was quick to label her a slut and many other words of the same purpose. Just like it was with Acchan although they are completely different idols , nobody can call themselves an AKB48 fan these days and not have an opinion about her.


AKB makes enough money from record sales, and everything in between, to create their own bank. Whether you enjoy the young, sexy school girl, candy-style J-pop or not, if we base success solely on money and sales, this is a VERY successful group! They also happen to have a HUGE, ravenous fan base! Despite their financial success, I have been a little suspicious about some of the recent AKB news.

One happened just over a month-and-a-half ago, maybe? AKB member Tomomi Kasai took a racy photo with a very strange twist.

The production company behind AKB48 said Minegishi, 20, had failed to abide by its cardinal rule – no dating. But fans have defended her, saying she is entitled to a normal life.

It is also known as the Renai Kinshi Jourei, the love ban rule. To sum things up, what we debate for is our conception of an idol. Through this write up, i will attempt to list all legit arguments from both side so you can make your own opinion on that matter. The love ban rule is much more older than AKB itself. In , Nakazawa Yuko, leader of Morning musume at the time, stated that in their contract, they were forbid to have boyfriend or marry.

Ten years later, Kashiwagi Yuki expressed the same statement, that they had to sign a paper in which they pledge to not be in a relationship. What is the purpose of the love ban rule? Justin Bieber is a singer, with He works a lot on his image, yet he dated many other celebrities like Selena Gomez. In the super strict Kpop industry, even though entertainment companies are very discrete about it, they often acknowledge a relationship when they are revealed, and not opposing them Exo Kai and F x Crystal for example.

Especially the case of idols. Management strategy to keep hardcore fans would backfire at them, being blamed for pressuring the artist. In Kpop It might depend of the age and experience of the artist. When management knows the artist fanbase is mature enough to accept, they lift the ban.

Eng Sub: AKB48 -53rd- Sentimental Train [Single]

July 7, Yuuhei Tsubouchi, a professional cameraman, strangles Momoko Aida after thinking she was going to leave him for another guy and covers up his murderous act by ransacking her apartment to look like a robbery. Will Shinichi be able to prove Tsubouchi’s guilt? Ran comments that she longs to have wedding photos like the one’s from Tsubouchi’s wedding and Shinichi agrees. Meanwhile, Sato comments she’d rather not have any, surprising Takagi and causing him to stumble over his next few words to her.

Expose the Secret of the Psychic’s Curse July 14, Shinichi is a guest on a live TV program called “The Showdown” where he tests his deductive abilities against the psychic abilities of Jiro Washimi.

AKB48 Group No. 1 Singing Competition to Announce Candidates Tonight. Ace Attorney Stage Play Reveals Main Cast Visual. Hiragana Keyaki join line-up for ALL LIVE NIPPON (Photo) First peek at Kemono Friends 2 Stage Play. KinKi Kids set to release 40th Single in December.

While the show focuses on four millennials trying to make it in New York, season five takes plucky Shoshanna Shapiro out of the Big Apple and sends her to Tokyo for a new marketing position. But during her stay in Japan, Shoshanna visits a variety of classic tourist spots and experiences traditional pastimes. Naturally, Shosh, wearing Hello Kitty headphones, navigates the five-way intersection with aplomb.

The venue features a variety of performers throughout the year, ranging from piano players to up-and-coming rock stars. Temari no Ouchi Cat Cafe After being laid off from her marketing job, Shoshanna does the responsible thing and becomes an assistant manager at Temari no Ouchi Cat Cafe. Located in Kichijoi, this cat cafe is one of the most elaborate in the city with its Ghibli-like decor.

And while other cat cafes simply serve tea or coffee, Temari no Ouchi has full meal sets along with cat-shaped cookies. Afuri Ramen Ebisu If the ramen at Afuri looked delicious, the good news is that you can go ahead and try it yourself. The signature bowl of yuzu shio ramen is not be missed.

The Ugly Reality Of Dating Japanese Women

Such a strategy encourages young people today to chase dreams of being in the spotlight that many Japanese would have shunned years ago. These days, long-term goals of careers in politics or medicine have been replaced with the need for instant gratification and glamour. Nowhere is such an ideal more apparent than in the fashion industry, and youth fashion, in particular, has undergone changes in the past five years or so that makes it virtually unrecognizable from its former state.

The modeling opportunities that exist for preteens in Japan nowadays were certainly evident at Yoyogi National Gymnasium at the beginning of August. Almost models under the age of 14 participated in Tokyo Top Kids Collection, competing for such categories as best fashion, best smile and best runway walk.

Atsuko Maeda reportedly dating Ryo Katsuji on ARAMA! JAPAN | Numerous Japanese publications are reporting on the supposed relationship between former AKB48 ace Numerous Japanese publications are reporting on the supposed relationship between former AKB48 ace .

TECO added that it does not know Trangia’s current location. The Bureau of Immigration earlier confirmed that Trangia left for Taiwan on board an Eva Air flight at dawn on Tuesday, a day after news broke about Castillo’s death. Trangia is among members of the Aegis Jvris fraternity who have been placed on an immigration lookout bulletin for alleged involvement in the death of the year-old law student. Meanwhile, two members of the fraternity have surfaced.

John Paul Solano, another primary suspect, surrendered to authorities and denied participation in the hazing. The part-time medical technologist who rushed Castillo to the hospital Sunday morning said he was only called by fraternity brothers to give the neophyte first aid. Another member, whose name has been withheld, gave his statement to the National Bureau of Investigation NBI regarding Castillo’s death Friday afternoon.

The year-old Castillo died of massive injuries consistent with hazing, according to an autopsy report. Castillo’s family found his body at the hospital early Monday after receiving an anonymous text message.

[2016.11.16] AKB48 – 46th Single – High Tension [Download]

Mako Kojima dressed in a traditional Japanese idol uniform. I think she looks a little bit like Atsuko Maeda. But she is still one of the group’s cutest members.

(Secret) dating is treated as a big offence in the idol industry, even to such an extent that an idol from the mega girl group AKB48, Minami Minegishi (峯岸みなみ), once shaved her head bald in order to seek forgiveness from her management.

Yasushi established AKB48 in by holding an audition attended by 8, participants, who were filtered down to 20 girls; the winners debuted on-stage in as AKB48’s Team A. In , Yasushi teamed up with a telecom firm to produce the world’s first ever audition based on mobile-phone-mailed submissions, which attracted close to 12, hopefuls, 18 of whom became Team K. The third unit — naturally, Team B — followed later the same year; the producers briefly toyed with the idea of reorganizing AKB48 into two bunches, Baragumi and Yurigumi, but ultimately dropped it.

The band debuted with the single “Sakura No Hanabiratachi” , which sold 46, copies — a decent result for an indie label release — and by the third single, “Aitakatta” , they were picked up by DefSTAR Records, a sublabel of Sony Music. They then proceeded to confirm that there’s nothing like a little scandal to make headway in showbiz: AKB48 played it down, confirming that they were into social critique with their next single, “Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou” , which dealt with bullying.

All in all, was a busy year for AKB Greatest Songs CD, which sold 27, copies. Inevitably with a cast of this size, the lineup adjusted constantly, with several girls “graduating” in , and one, Kikuchi Ayaka, kicked out for the sin of getting caught on camera in the company of a boy. Unperturbed by personnel shifts, AKB48 continued to perform and record, releasing three singles in and following those in with Oogoe Diamond, which sold 65, copies, and Namida Surprise!

They confirmed their rising popularity by scheduling two gigs at the Budokan with their “sister band,” SKE48, the same year.

【シングル】180131 STU48 1st Single – 暗闇 [FLAC] [DVDISO]

Can I use music to gain an edge on a first date? Is there any truth to this in real life? We already know that music in elevators, restaurants, and bars can enhance the atmosphere or at least make them bearable. This experiment used parties called gokon that have become common in Japan. At these parties, there is matchmaking, blind-dating, and speed dating to help singles meet each other.

Akb48 Member Dating. Kim Kardashian Started Dating Kanye West! It is a prime example of the groups identifying features – lots of attractive young girls wearing free online dating hookup cute clothes, dancing happily and singing to bubblegum pop similar to Billie Piper, S .

It also gives AKB48 opportunity to perform in several places and even countries simultaneously. Team A represents freedom, Team B is idol-like with cutesy costumes, while Team K has a strong and powerful image. In addition to dancing and singing, members are also promoted throughout the Japanese mass media. Creation and independent releases In July , Yasushi Akimoto held an audition for a new theater-based idol girl group.

The single entered Oricon ‘s weekly Top chart and sold 22, units in the first week, a rarity for a group on an indie label. Greatest Songs — In October , AKB48 announced auditions for the formation of Team B, [44] and 13 girls were chosen out of the 12, applicants in December The title song was recorded with 20 members selected from Team A and Team K. The group’s fourth single, ” Bingo! The album was a collection of the group’s songs from previous singles and theater song lists.

Its seventh major ninth overall single ” Romance, Irane ” was released on January 23 [57] and reached number six on the Oricon TOP10 charts in the first week. However the promotion was called off by DefStar Records as it violated the antitrust law. The single also reached number three on the Oricon charts in the first week, and eventually became the group’s first single to sell over , copies.

, 18- , ,

Once again the fans voted for their favourite members and we got to hear the results. This time the election was in Niigata, the place where the newest group NGT48 comes from. So let’s take a look at the results starting from the last place:

Minami Minegishi (峯岸 みなみ, Minegishi Minami, born November 15, in Tokyo) is a Japanese idol singer and actress. She is a member of the girl group AKB [1].

Asian idols story for you. Forty-eight” is a Japanese idol girl group , initially named after the Akihabara Akiba for short area of Tokyo where the group’s theater is located, and their original roster of 48 members. As of May [update] , the group has expanded to include members whose ages range from early teens to mid s. The idea of AKB48’s producer Yasushi Akimoto was to create a girl group that, unlike a regular pop group that gives occasional concerts and that is mostly seen on television, would have its own theater and perform there on a daily basis; the fans would always be able to go and see the girls live.

This “idols you can meet” concept includes the formation of different teams[ that are able to rotate performances and to perform simultaneously in events at various locations, as well as the organisation of"handshake” events, where fans can briefly interact with band members. Akimoto has also expanded the AKB48 concept to several sister groups throughout Japan, and also in China and Indonesia. It has achieved such popularity in the country that it has been characterized as a social phenomenon.

As of March [update] , the group has sold over 30 million records, including over The group’s twenty-three latest singles have topped the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart , with a record eighteen singles that have sold over a million copies. Its single ” Sayonara Crawl ” sold over 1. In , ” Beginner ” and ” Heavy Rotation ” placed, respectively, first and second in the list of Japan’s best selling singles for that year.

AKB48 was founded based on the concept of “idols you can meet”. The group’s chief producer Yasushi Akimoto once said that his aim was to create an idol group that is unlike any other ordinary idol groups which only give occasional concerts and mostly seen on TV; AKB48 would perform in its own theater regularly, and the fans would always be able to watch the girls performing live.

AKB48 pop star shaves head after breaking band rules

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