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Some of them are a little more difficult to begin, oftentimes involving talking to the same character more than once for a certain number of days to begin the Link, or obtaining a certain level in Academics, Courage, or Charm. Mitsuru is a good example of this, as her Social Link is only unlockable by maxing out your Academics. The opportunity to go on a Social Link event is shown by a speech bubble above the Link’s head with a! Leveling Social Links Edit When building these Social Links you grow based on a leveling system, which is increased or frozen by self-triggered and sometimes storyline-activated ‘dates’ with characters of noteworthy importance in the game. How much ‘experience’ you gain on one of these outings depends on how you answer questions not always direct questions, some of them are ‘How do you act now? While it’s usually appropriate to answer however YOU would answer, or however you’re trying to shape the Other Self’s personality, there are right and wrong answers. For example, when you’re on a date with Fuuka and she asks you how her cooking is, telling her it’s terrible versus telling her it’s pretty good will have obviously different scoring. There are three levels on gaining exp from a question; Bad, Good, and Best.

Personality Theories and Types – jung, myers briggs®, keirsey, belbin, etc

What is a persona? A ‘Persona’ is a ‘social role’, or the role played by an actor. Itis how you appear to the world, a mask, of sorts. For example youact differently when you are around different people – you wouldnot act the same as you do with your closest friends, when you arewith your parents, or your boss. You act differently, you weardifferent ‘masks’, or use different personas. The Latin plural is personae , often seen in the context of dramatis personae – characters or actors What is persona 4?

Social Link board, you can see a reversed link with Magician Arcana (Junpei and Kenji) and a broken link with Emperor Arcana (Akihiko) Something rather funny about the Persona 3 video game is it’s comparability to a dating sim with what they call a ‘Social Link’ system.

Part of the fantasy of Persona is that no matter how you choose to spend your time, it helps you grow at least a little bit. It can be a little overwhelming. The easiest and most frequent opportunity to raise your Knowledge comes during class: The biggest Knowledge gains come from studying, which you can do in the school library in the afternoon or at Leblanc in the evening—but the best place to study is at the diner in Shibuya.

Ordering food at the diner will allow you to put points toward another stat as well: Once you gain access to Hifumi as a Confidant, spending time with her will also usually give you a little Knowledge boost. If you absolutely must raise your Guts quickly, books and movies are probably the way to go. There are many different ways to improve your Proficiency, though few of them will grant that sought-after three-point bonus.

You can get a Proficiency boost by working the Beef Bowl joint part-time job in Shibuya in the evenings. Midway through the year, you can buy a busted laptop from the secondhand shop in Yongen-Jaya and a set of PC repair tools in Akihabara. Repairing the laptop at your desk in your room will grant you a couple points of Proficiency.

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It is also implied that the chambers of a happy Sister give more Color. However it is subverted when you find out that giving Color to a Sister heavily damages their realm due to the sheer amount of it you need to use, which will actually decrease the amount of Color you can get. This will eventually lead to the Scorpio appearing, which will completely destroy your gardens.

Build social links, accept dates on sundays (you can give presents), get a scene at level The BIG difference is that you become intimate with every girl whether you want to or not, and they will get jealous until you max their link.

What is a persona? A ‘Persona’ is a ‘social role’, or the role played by an actor. Itis how you appear to the world, a mask, of sorts. For example youact differently when you are around different people – you wouldnot act the same as you do with your closest friends, when you arewith your parents, or your boss. You ac…t differently, you weardifferent ‘masks’, or use different personas. The Latin plural is personae , often seen in the context of dramatis personae – characters or actors MORE What is persona 4?

Persona 4 is a an Role-playing game for the ps2. You play as a high school student in the county from the big city. A series of murders are occurring, police say it is a serial killer, you and a few of your friends arent so sure. They think it has something to do with the “midnight channel” a urb…an myth that if you you look at your tv on a rainy day at midnight you will see your true love!

Guide: How to Unlock the True Ending and Epilogue in Persona 4 Golden

Pharos is so obviously crushing on Makoto, it gets vaguely squicky. I mean, the only times they talk are when Makoto is in bed, and Pharos is sitting on the end of the bed in what looks like pajamas His threat to post a picture of you on a dating site for convicts also suggests they’d find Makoto pretty cute. One of the fanbooks has relationship charts for each social link, and Akinari’s depicts his and the MC’s relationship with a heart around the bench they sit on. Speaking of social links, French exchange student Bebe Temperance is quite affectionate toward the main character, to the point of waiting outside his classroom in the higher levels of the link.

The female protagonist is an additional playable protagonist in Persona 3 role is non-canonical in the main Persona series timeline, as evidenced by the use of male pronouns and references to blue hair in The Answer, Persona 4 (and Golden) after fighting Margaret, and Persona 4 Arena.

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Persona 3 Portable Questions?

Players control a teenaged boy who moves to the small Japanese town of Inaba and immediately makes some bizarre discoveries–a series of unexplainable deaths, and a world inside the television where human thoughts take lethal form. Resolving to unravel these mysteries, the boy and his new friends call on the power of Persona to do battle against the monstrous denizens of the TV world and the unknown criminal or criminals attempting to use it as a murder weapon.

During downtime between battles, you hone your Persona abilities by petting cats, making models, eating beef bowls, and establishing Social Links–bonds of trust with Inaba’s various residents.

Persona 5 Confidant Answers to Max Social Links Makoto Niijima is a fellow student at Shujin Academy. She’s the student council president, and seems to be against you at first.

Next Persona 3 Portable Questions? Hey so I just recently got a psn card and downloaded persona 3 portable on my psp go! So far I am loving it but there is just a couple questions I have about it So I have chosen to spend a lot of time with kenji and after 1 day of play I have gotten him to level 6 on the social rank level I have already So I have chosen to spend a lot of time with kenji and after 1 day of play I have gotten him to level 6 on the social rank level I have already gotten to the point in the game where I get the white haired dude Akihiko and they are sad that Fuuuka cant join or something but anyways back to the question?

I mean Im confused on how many party members you actually have or will get in the future of the game. There seems to be some rooms called “vacant rooms” in the Iwatodai dorm so are these for people you become close to in the Social Rank? What happens when you get the Social Rank of Someone up to 10 4. In the Social Rank menu there is Classmate which Kenji is Will there eventually be more classmates that will fall under the Classmate section or is Kenji the only one?

How long exactly is this game? Sorry for all the questions but thanx in advance in the future. As you can tell Im very curious as to how many people will join you to battle the shadows in tartarus.

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You most likely think that Persona 4 is a better game than Persona 3, with a better story, more coherent themes, and a more personable cast of characters than its predecessor. Advertisement Advertisement But it will never be better than Persona 3. Here are six reasons why: Everything from its small town setting to its generally sunnier and more cheerful presentation was chosen as a complement to the stylish, urban, and comprehensively darker themes of Persona 3.

Fortune Strength Hanged Man Death Temperance Devil Tower Star.

Edit Elizabeth is the assistant of Igor , the proprietor of the Velvet Room. She makes her first appearance when the protagonist awakens in his subconscious, visiting the Velvet Room, where she greets the protagonist. While Igor is responsible for the Persona fusions, Elizabeth handles the Persona Compendium , which allows the protagonist to keep track of his fused personas and re-summon them.

Elizabeth also provides various side-quests for the protagonist, ranging from bounties to getting various daily-life objects for her. As the protagonist completes the side quests , Elizabeth may reward players with rare items and special items needed to fuse several specific personas. She also requests tasks that involve Tartarus and retrieving special equipment from there. Not only that, Elizabeth also requests items from the real world that could only be retrieved on specific days.

If players choose to start the second cycle, Elizabeth will offer an extra side-quest of challenging her at the top of the bonus dungeon. Upon reaching the final level, Elizabeth reveals her frustration of being unable to find out her true meaning to life, and hopes that someone stronger than her would be capable of giving her that answer.

In the events of the protagonist’s battle with her, Elizabeth reveals herself to be a Persona User just like the protagonist, also capable of switching between multiple Personas mid-battle. The protagonist can date Elizabeth, however, she is not a Social Link. Throughout their dates, the protagonist teaches her the cultures of the world. In return, Elizabeth grants the protagonist various key items to summon several specific Personas.

Confidant Gift Guide [Persona 5 / P5]

Persona 5 is bloody amazing. The rest of the critics rather seemed to agree. Breath of the Wild.

I believe that text is left over from Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES. In P3P, social links no longer reverse from either dating other girls or ignoring anyone for more than 90 days(60 days in girl cases).

The main protagonist, when Yukari exits the shower with a Modesty Towel and slaps him after the party is separated in the July 7th operation. Aliens Made Them Do It: In the July 7th Shadow battle, the Protagonist and Yukari or Akihiko or Junpei if you’re playing as a girl manage to break free from the Mind Control before anything actually happens. And no, you can’t intentionally fail , no matter how hard you try. All in a Row: Your party members will follow you everywhere in dungeons — or can be ordered to split up and search the area.

They can even enter battles on their own, which you’re then able to join to provide support. Generally, they line up nicely behind you, but if you hit a dead-end and suddenly reverse, you’ll wind up hitting them with your weapon multiple times until you’re leading the pack again. All Therapists Are Muggles: The cast frequently go into a twisted, bloody version of their school where they are in danger of being killed by their repressed feelings and fight monsters by shooting themselves in the head with guns that fire psychological trauma.

Persona 5 tips: combat, Social Links, confidants, romances, exams & other tricks

Persona 3 Portable Review Welcome tweaks and new story aspects enhance this already great role-playing classic. Published by Shiva Stella on Jul 20, Persona 3 Portable is the third iteration of the highly popular PlayStation 2 role-playing game, Persona 3. It’s just as enjoyable but now includes a female protagonist for a fresh perspective, along with new story aspects. It’s also been successfully streamlined for greater convenience, finally allowing you to assume direct control of party members.

Nov 29,  · Of course, I want to max all social links. However, because of reasons that I’d rather not get into (long story short, just got out of an extremely ****ty relationship), even though it is a game, I honestly hate myself a bit when I have to cheat on the ing System: PS2.

Sign up or login to join the discussions! Steven Strom – Jun 24, 2: The game about nine friends and a dog—which celebrates its tenth anniversary in the States this year—follows a similar arc to most role-playing games. That means the gang of plucky young people ultimately saves the world. Yet its 21st century characters and setting made Persona 3 far more relatable and endearing to me than the high-flying heroes of Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger.

It helps, too, that this was the series’ first game to sport a now-signature blend of dating sim and turn-based dungeon crawling. Playing Persona 3, I felt I was experiencing the first game designed to let me take my time. Whether that meant meeting up with a friend for kendo practice or hanging out with a couple of elderly used booksellers, there was nearly always something more digestible, recognizable, and less world-shatteringly urgent to do than fighting gods and monsters.

It’s the kind of stuff that let me inhabit a game’s world for a bit rather than simply tour through it. By the end of the game, I was nearly as attached to the city of Iwatodai and its inhabitants as I’ve ever been to a real place. The downside is that this made it that much harder to eventually say goodbye to those virtual sights I saw and friends I made along the way.

Persona 3 FES – Max Social Link – Empress Arcana (Mitsuru Kirijo)

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