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There are some secrets to success when it comes to mixing money and relationships. A heavenly relationship can hinge on how your handle your bank accounts. What is it about money and couples? Is it some primal survival instinct which kicks in which drives us to keep our secret stashes of cash? New research from the US shows the more you pool your money, the happier you are. The study shows where people keep 5 per cent for individual discretionary spending, they are no less happy than if per cent is pooled. In other words, keeping a small amount separate makes no difference to your happiness. But people who pool 80 per cent are much happier than those who pool 70 per cent or less. People who keep all their income to themselves in a relationship are the least happy.

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If this dose of cannabis has the same effect on humans, just one joint could significantly change their behaviour. Dr Matt Jones, the lead author of the study said: Most people would accept that cannabis abusers are not at their sharpest and might have subtle impairments in memory or decision making but sometimes small doses of the ingredient can cause psychiatric episodes similar to schizophrenia. Two parts of their brain were shown to be affected – the hippocampus which is essential for forming new memories and prefrontal cortex which integrates those memories and uses them for future behaviour and decision-making.

Disruption of the brain waves which allow these two areas to communicate is what happens in schizophrenia, a mental disorder.

Should I open a joint bank account with my girlfriend? No. if we get a joint account, should we contribute equal amounts of our income or equal percentages of our income? My vote is always 50/50 split.

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Jun 3, Your relationship is like joint bank account. Are you enjoying the returns on your investment? Your relationships are like a joint bank account. When you enter a relationship, you open an account with a lot of hope. During initial phases of a relationship, you create a lot of deposits and lesser withdrawal as the increased emotional bank balance thrills you so much and enriches your relationship.

I started thinking about creating a joint bank account with my boyfriend, whom we’ll call “Dave,” about six months into our relationship.

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A Joint Bank Account Strategy for Couples. One couple who I was friends with ran into a problem with this while dating as undergrads. He had a fairly “macho” view of masculinity and dating and insisted on paying all the bills whenever they went out. Basically, they opened up a joint bank account, got a debit card for it, and would.

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Aiken, then 30 years old, was in his second month of physical and psychological reconstruction at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, after two tours of combat duty had left him shattered. His war-related afflictions included traumatic brain injury, severe post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD , abnormal eye movements due to nerve damage, chronic pain, and a hip injury. But the problem that loomed largest that holiday season was different. Aiken had no money.

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Today, I want to revisit a common but always interesting discussion around couples and money: Should a long-term couple married or not have combined or separate finances? It was in my early days of blogging and this post was actually the first time I received hate email and hate comments. However, many people did make it past the first few paragraphs and carried on the conversation into the comments.

Watch video · Open a Joint Account Consider setting up a joint bank account, if you don’t already have one, that can be used to pay the mortgage, property taxes, .

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Ziskind, 57, has a seizure disorder and relies only on Ruby – his service dog – and marijuana to manage his illness. Although nobody denies that Ruby belongs in Ziskind’s life, the little green plant he also depends on, which he is forced to obtain illegally, is a different story. While the state Senate’s current proposed medical-marijuana bill, SB 3, is in the Government Committee, and the House’s proposed medical-marijuana bill, HB , is in the Health Committee, yesterday’s hearing was strictly informational and will have no direct impact on either bill.

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If you plan to open a joint checking account with your boyfriend or girlfriend, there are some complications that can come, particularly at tax time. If you regularly make large deposits, for instance, you could trigger an audit for not reporting the deposit as a gift.

Corporate law The existence of a corporation requires a special legal framework and body of law that specifically grants the corporation legal personality, and it typically views a corporation as a fictional person, a legal person, or a moral person as opposed to a natural person which shields its owners shareholders from “corporate” losses or liabilities; losses are limited to the number of shares owned. It furthermore creates an inducement to new investors marketable stocks and future stock issuance.

Corporate statutes typically empower corporations to own property, sign binding contracts, and pay taxes in a capacity separate from that of its shareholders, who are sometimes referred to as “members”. The corporation is also empowered to borrow money, both conventionally and directly to the public, by issuing interest-bearing bonds. Corporations subsist indefinitely; “death” comes only by absorption takeover or bankruptcy.

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Should Married Couples Have Separate Bank Accounts?

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