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So I was pleased to see an article in the Los Angeles Times pointing the finger at refined carbs: In August of , the New England Journal of Medicine published a striking report on cancer and body fat: Thirteen separate cancers can now be linked to being overweight or obese, among them a number of the most common and deadly cancers of all — colon, thyroid, ovarian, uterine, pancreatic and in postmenopausal women breast cancer. They are best understood as a warning sign that something about what or how much we eat is intimately linked to cancer. Lewis Cantley, the director of the cancer center at Weill Cornell Medicine, has been at the forefront of the cancer metabolism revival. His research has revealed how insulin drives cells to grow and take up glucose blood sugar by activating a series of genes, a pathway that has been implicated in most human cancers. And there I was, getting psyched up to bang my head on my desk.

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Spurlock, referring to sexual harassment, confessed to having starred in different situations similar to those that are coming out these days in The US. I do not wait sitting to see who will be next. He made known today through Twitter.

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Hosted by renowned documentarian Morgan Spurlock, this series examines how, over the last quarter-century, the documentary feature has evolved into an increasingly mainstream genre, becoming a major box office draw and impacting society and contemporary American culture in ways never seen before. Over the course of five one-hour episodes, “50 Documentaries To See Before You Die,” counts down fifty of the modern documentary era’s most powerful, provocative and moving films.

Animpressive and eclectic chorus of voices including critics and fans, filmmakers and their subjects, espouse their views on the movies that made the list and what in their opinions makes them great. Throughout the series, host Morgan Spurlock, will be traveling the country in search of some of modern documentary’s most iconic figures, meeting along the way maverick directors and eccentric characters responsible for creating some of the most remarkable moments ever committed to film.

At the end of his journey, Spurlock will ultimately reveal what was deemed “the” most influential modern documentary by a panel of preeminent film critics, academics and industry insiders. Current’s programming shines a light where others won’t dare and boldly explores important subjects — opening minds, sparking conversations and forming deep connections with its viewers.

The channel’s audience is comprised of affluent, curious, social and connected adults who crave the kind of entertaining, enlightening, witty and informative programming found on Current’s TV and online properties. Current is available in the U. Independently-owned Current began with a mission:

Morgan Spurlock Inside Man

Mr Spurlock, who made the hit film Super Size Me, wrote on Twitter that he had been accused of rape and had paid to settle a claim of sexual harassment. The US entertainment industry has been rocked by claims of sexual abuse and harassment going back decades. He said the allegations of rape took place at college. It did not lead to charges or investigations but he said the woman had written about the incident in a story writing class and had named Mr Spurlock.

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December 14, He decided to out himself. Taking to Twitter, he posted the following link to an essay where he admits a history of sexual misconduct and a rape accusation, and his intention to try and alter his future behaviour: I am part of the problem. Over my life, there have been many instances that parallel what we see everyday in the news. When I was in college, a girl who I hooked up with on a one night stand accused me of rape.

There were no charges or investigations, but she wrote about the instance in a short story writing class and called me by name. A female friend who was in the class told be about it afterwards.

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There was a problem adding your email address. If you saw the film, you know that Spurlock undertook an experiment: Here, he translates his critique from film to book, and the result is, if possible, even more disturbing than the film. America is fatter than ever, and unhealthier than ever, and a good chunk of the blame lies with the fast-food industry. The statistics Spurlock marshals are stomach-turning:

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I went to prison — difficult. I worked in a coal mine — dangerous. I filmed in war zones — difficult and dangerous. And I spent 30 days eating nothing but this — fun in the beginning, little difficult in the middle, very dangerous in the end. In fact, most of my career, I’ve been immersing myself into seemingly horrible situations for the whole goal of trying to examine societal issues in a way that make them engaging, that make them interesting, that hopefully break them down in a way that make them entertaining and accessible to an audience.

So when I knew I was coming here to do a TED Talk that was going to look at the world of branding and sponsorship, I knew I would want to do something a little different. So as some of you may or may not have heard, a couple weeks ago, I took out an ad on eBay. I sent out some Facebook messages, some Twitter messages, and I gave people the opportunity to buy the naming rights to my TED Talk. Laughter That’s right, some lucky individual, corporation, for-profit or non-profit, was going to get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — because I’m sure Chris Anderson will never let it happen again — Laughter to buy the naming rights to the talk you’re watching right now, that at the time didn’t have a title, didn’t really have a lot of content and didn’t really give much hint as to what the subject matter would actually be.

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This production was later nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary feature. He conceived the idea for the film when he was at his parents’ house for Thanksgiving, and while watching TV saw a news story about a lawsuit brought against McDonald’s by two teenage girls who blamed the fast food chain for their obesity. The film depicts an experiment he conducted in , in which he ate three McDonald’s meals a day every day and nothing else for 30 days.

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Order now In an experimental documentary, Morgan Spurlock decides expand his experimental mindset to copy the eating habits of America, home to the fattest people in the world. The rules Spurlock imposes upon himself are limited to four areas: Within a very short period of time, the lb Spurlock starts to balloon weight uncontrollably. Upon closer examination, we see that Spurlock has carefully crafted one of the more unique, experimental documentaries of the last 20 years.

Because the documentary is made by an individual who we can all relate to ala Michael Moore , we are not offended by a heavy handed, preachy tone, a common malaise found in many documentaries. Under less competent hands, this would have simply been a one note gimmick movie that would have run out of steam within 30 minutes.

Spurlock attempts to put a great deal of the blame on the evil marketing campaigns of the food industry and, while there is truth to the notion that marketing will stimulate consumer interest, the ultimate blame lies within people looking to overindulge in fast food while refusing to increase their physical activity level.

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Records and is from Brooklyn ; the couple now lives in Harlem, NY. Kim dreams of starting a family in Harlem but Alaska’s business prevents them from doing that. Alaska and Kim’s religious beliefs provide them with a strong balance. After almost a year of dating, the couple entered a domestic partnership in Savannah, Georgia. Jeff and Blair visit a sex therapist to address a large gap in their sex drives and other issues associated with their year age difference, contrasting careers, and minor personality clashes.

Blair is a former European pop star and current entertainment reporter, while Jeff works as a federal investigator.

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Morgan Spurlock became one of the biggest names in documentaries by doing something that, if he’d kept it up, would have made him one of the biggest bodies in all of cinema. His second film required Spurlock to leave the country while Jamieson was pregnant with his son. His most recent work is easily the most diverting segment in the omnibus documentary, ” Freakonomics. Along with examining such fairly common monikers as Tyrone and Shaniqua, Spurlock explores a pair of naming horror stories: A girl named “Temptress,” whose mother was attempting to name her after actress Tempest Bledsoe of “The Cosby Show,” and a pair of boys sadistically named “Winner” and “Loser,” whose life history turned out a bit differently than you might guess.

Popular Caucasian names also get a bit of humorous examination. I caught up with Spurlock at the offices of the PR firm supporting “Freakonomics,” and it surely does seem as if the real-life Morgan Spurlock is as affably talkative as that “Super Size Me” guy was. It was an interesting moment as a couple of white guys sat around talking, initially anyhow, about names. I’m just a few years older than you and there’s a lot of Steves, and I’m a Bob, Daves, Franks and so on.

A few years later, you get Hunters and Morgans and Jasons. And now there’s kids like that kid we talked to in the movie who’s a “Harper” and what was his brother’s name? His brother also had a very, very white name.

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Cue disses to Philadelphia. A Running Gag has Dotcom and Grizz show that, in spite of being gigantic Scary Black Men in Tracy’s entourage, they’re the most cultured and educated people on the show. After being repeatedly antagonized by Tracy for only granting freedom to white male land-owners, an actor playing John Hancock on Boston’s Freedom Trail tries to pass off an actor playing Crispus Attucks as this, though Tracy points out that Attucks died six years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

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He has earned an enormous component of his net worthy of through his profession as a maker of documentaries, which produced his name popular all over the world. Furthermore career, Morgan Spurlock can be popular for his involvement into being truly a humorist, screenwriter, tv maker and political activist. These professions also have added up to the full total sum of Morgan Spurlock net worthy of.

As these documentaries became well-known all over the world, in addition they added up to the entire quantity of Morgan Spurlock net worthy of. Morgan Spurlock was created in in West Virginia. The documentary gained a whole lot of fame and for that reason in addition, it added up to the entire sum of Morgan Spurlock net worthy of.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Super Size Me star Morgan Spurlock has confessed to a pattern of disrespectful behavior towards women including being accused of rape and settling a sexual harassment claim. The writer and director posted a lengthy essay on TwitLonger last night entitled “I am part of the problem. Spurlock confessed to have cheated on all his previous partners Image: Getty Images AsiaPac The incident was not reported to police but Spurlock said the woman made the allegation and named him as the alleged culprit in a short story writing class.

Spurlock said he had believed the encounter was consenual. He also admitted to paying a settlement to a former assistant after he “demeaned and belittled” her, repeatedly referring to her as “hot pants” or “sexy pants” in front of other staff.

28 of the Best Marijuana Documentaries: Politics and Business Medical Marijuana History Culture Lifestyle Documentaries are an important tool for anyone trying to spread education and debunk popular myths. That’s why it’s no surprise that there are so many high-quality documentaries about marijuana. Has there ever been a more misunderstood, needlessly controversial, and political plant?

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock admits to sexual misconduct Posted December 14, at 8: Amid Hollywood’s ongoing sexual misconduct scandals, Spurlock has gone on the record to address his own past transgressions. His stands out, however, for the simple fact that he was the aggressor, not the victim. On Wednesday evening Dec. That report has triggered a flood of claims of sexual misconduct levied against dozens of powerful men in Hollywood, Washington and the media.

Among the past transgressions Spurlock details is one dating to his college days when, after a night of drinking, he and a female acquaintance began “fooling around. She believed she was raped. In another incident, he says he was accused of verbally abusing a woman who worked in his office. He eventually paid her a settlement.

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